Embracing The Rain

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.  Let the rain sing you a lullaby. Langston Hughes

It’s been raining for the last couple of days here in NYC. It’s helped my insomnia dramatically. I am feeling so sleepy and rightfully so. I have been averaging five hours a night for the last week. The mister invited me to meditate with him and I didn’t even last three minutes. I have to wind down.

*This photo was taken in Brooklyn, NY in early spring of 2010.

32 on the 23rd

Today the Mister turned 32. We went and saw Inception. I think it may be necessary for me to see it again. I really like Christopher Nolan’s work, he wrote and directed Inception. He also directed The Dark Knight,The Prestige, Batman Begins, Memento and Following. I strongly recommend renting Following to see how this director has evolved. He filmed Following, “a neo-noir” flick on a very small budget. It’s dark yet quite engaging. I liked it when I watched it many years ago and should probably rent it again. Memento was amazing and Inception is the climax of these two previous films.

After the movie we had dinner at Fatty Cue. We were so happy and full by the end of the night. Next week I will be hosting a belated birthday dinner party at our place for about a dozen of our close friends.

Hope you had . . .

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The Blues…

There was a time when one could easily expect me to be wearing 70’s kitchen colors. Various shades of yellow, including mustard. Also, it would be really easy to find me in oranges and various shades of green. Since I have become close friends with a wonderful woman who often wears black and white, I decided to rid my closet of many of my favored vomit colored clothing. I thought that it was the most flattering for my complexion but I am now open to pinks, purples and especially blue…turquoise specifically.

I had this weird condition where if I wore all black I would get super depressed and if I wore orange…I felt great. I think turquoise is the happy medium. It started last summer with my nail polish and then trickled in to fall and spring with stockings and I can’t wait to wear my vintage turquoise . . .

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Red Barn

We were on our back to the city from visiting a summer camp in the Hudson Valley and we discovered this land marked barn from the 1840’s. I was a little disappointed about visiting a second summer camp and still not being remotely interested in renting the place for our wedding. The first camp we saw, was the camp of my childhood. It just wasn’t kept up over the years, unfortunately, it would have been quite lovely to have our wedding there. The search continues for the ideal summer camp which qualities would have to include inexpensive, well maintained and picturesque.

This barn was the highlight of our trip.

Hope you all are enjoying your . . .

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