Crispy Waffles


during the week, i usually have a smoothie for breakfast. on the weekends we either brunch or make something special at least one of the weekend days, usually waffles or pancakes. josh followed this chefsteps recipe and boy was it good.

A Judy Jetson Vibe

this past winter, we visited my inlaws over the holidays and i stopped in one of my favorite vintage shops in atlanta and found this dress. i was trying to figure out what drew me in, it has a slight judy jetson vibe to it, no?

A Bit Wintry

i have been rocking this coat all winter like it’s my job. it’s so heavy and warm.  i lurve it, i really do. i scored this one at a church thrift store in new hampshire last winter after a snowboarding trip.  i’ve only spotted two people with the same coat. a random woman in caroll gardens and ashley of fancy fine. my poor other coats are so jealous, they really aren’t getting any play. i need to seriously give this one a rest but it’s either this or my snowboarding jacket because i just can’t sacrifice being cold. this coat was 20 bucks well spent.

after storm nemo josh and i took a walk in prospect park. it’s been so cold but we’ve had very little snow. i have to admit it took a lot for me to leave the comforts of my warm and cozy . . .

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Must-Have Cookbooks

so we have been cooking up a storm around these parts. we finally used our strand book store gift cards from our wedding. i know our wedding was a year and a half ago, good thing it didn’t expire. i’m glad we waited because we bought the best cookbooks. so far we’ve made eggplant tahini to bring to our friend’s birthday dinner and we had our friends over for cod cakes in tomato sauce, pictured above. i first discovered these cookbooks at my m.i.l’s place and then over new years at our friends farm, one of our friend’s cooked an amazing dinner using this cookbook. as you can see the cookbook is beautiful and trust me the recipes are delicious. the book plenty has all vegetarian dishes and while i’m no longer a strict vegetarian we do eat vegetarian meals a couple times a week and  . . .

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Lentil Soup

last night, i made the lively up yourself lentil soup from 101 cookbooks. often times i’ll start cooking and then josh, our resident chef will come in and take over because i get annoyed or just throw in the towel, since he’s such an amazing cook, i let him take over to ensure that i don’t screw things up. i made this soup all on my lonesome. josh worked late last night and didn’t get home in time to take over or save me from my frustration. there was none really. this soup is easy peasy. i altered the recipe slightly. i used homemade chicken broth (made by josh, our freezer is well stocked with this stuff but that’s a whole other food post) instead of water and i didn’t add a poached egg since i haven’t figured out how to do that so well yet. this soup . . .

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Black Bean Soup

i was in denial about autumn being here for quite some time. i was hoping for an indian summer, but that was wishful thinking. it’s getting chilly. i wore tights for the first time this week and was certain i’d be burning up, but nope, i was totally comfortable. we made our first batch of soup for the season. josh emailed me this black bean soup and toasted cumin recipe from smitten kitchen. my friend anna was visiting with her kiddos and we made this soup together. she’s a farmer and a really great cook and she doesn’t normally follow recipes.  she said she’s glad we did as the cumin crème fraîche was delicious. we mostly followed the recipe, except we soaked the black beans overnight, (which made them cook a lot quicker an hour and a half instead of 3 hours) we didn’t have chipotle so we . . .

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Roasted Strawberry and Chocolate Grilled Cheese

can’t really look at this without my mouth watering…recipe here

Nitehawk Cinema

dinner + movie

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Peanut Butter Pie…

this wee film is so touching. we made this pie on easter. it was so delicious.


i spotted this deeelicious spread over at miss moss and my how i’d love devour every bit of this. recipe via