Autumn Jumpsuit

so if there’s one fashion tip i could share, most people probably already know this, but hey just in case. don’t hesitate to buy clothing out of season. i went to get my annual physical this summer and walked out the doctor’s office and saw a sign that everything at loft was fifty percent off. this jumpsuit was a hundred bucks, marked down to twenty dollars and then fifty percent off so i got it for ten bucks. even though i had to wait three months to wear it. it was worth getting. i wore this to my friend’s annual chili cook off in the burbs. we had a great time and it was the perfect backyard day to night time shenanigans kinda outfit. 

Vintage Pleated Midi

what with nursery school fees, mortgage payments and on and on. i’ve learned to be a bit more financially savvy with my clothing budget. don’t get me wrong there’s still room for improvement, but i think i’m better. i use to tell myself that i couldn’t remix outfits, but now i have to, so i’ve forced myself to learn. rebecca of a clothes horse is very clever with her remixes and i admire how she can get so many looks out of a single dress. with that said, this was a vintage secretary outfit. it has a matching blouse that was way too big. the skirt,  i decided to keep and the top i traded in to beacon’s closet, where i originally got it. the two piece with the high collar felt dated and a white top gave it a crisp modern feel. oh and this is my brand . . .

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The Insta Outfit

                  every time i throw on a jumpsuit or romper of any type, it brings me back to my 5 year old self. back in the 80’s my mom loved dressing us in what she’d call a salopette. i love seeing my daughter in them too. the only issue i have with them is that i get nervous in public restrooms that someone will walk in on me and i’ll be completely disrobed. it hasn’t happened yet, knock on wood, and i hope it never does.

so i have to say that i am loving red lipstick. sometimes when i’m in a rush i’ll quickly put some on and not doing anything else, yet feel so put together. i was inspired by simplycyn as she rocks bold . . .

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Vintage Stripes


it’s been quite a while, but i have a vintage addiction that i just can’t shake. i had this two piece dress and top in my etsy cart for weeks and then just like that it disappeared. i was bugging out trying to figure out what happen. it didn’t indicate that the dress was sold, i couldn’t even track down the shop. thankfully they reinstated their shop and this dress was back in my cart and i immediately committed to actually buying it. this was my mother’s day getup. i had my hair in crochet braids and took them out that morning, i didn’t have time to get a fancy hair style, let alone wash my hair before we went out. but hey such is life, we had a great time at brooklyn bridge park. we road a total of 10 miles and i swear my daughter is . . .

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Before It’s Too Late…

i’ve been doing a much better job at keeping my impulse buys to a minimum and taking time to really think through purchases. now that i can say with full confidence that i am no longer a shopaholic, i want to learn how to make really good coffee so i can treat myself to a latte once or twice a week, but not make it a daily habit. same with sweet treats, i need to make a rule for myself that if i want something sweet like pastries or cookies, i have to bake it myself and not go out to a cafe and buy it. this will likely cut down on my sugar consumption or make me a better baker. so back in april, i used my birthday as an excuse to treat myself to something. i was on the hunt for the perfect pair of white, . . .

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First Mother’s Day

so just like that i’ve inherited a new holiday. i didn’t think much of it really, but boy did josh take it seriously the entire mother’s day weekend. i’d be sitting on the couch and he would offer me a drink, he was so so sweet to me. he’s usually pretty sweet, but he was a bit extra. initially, my impulse was to tell him to just treat the weekend like any other, but then i thought hey, this is a good deal. i can sit on the sofa watching call the midwife and have him bring me a drink or some snacks. i’ll take it. the major shift was that i always visit my mom or would take part in whatever activity she wanted, but this year i could decide for my little family. i chose to go up to storm king  art center. it was a . . .

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My Sweetest Gift…


yes, it’s cheesy, but she sure is. hope you all had a wonderful holiday. we split our time between my parents place here in nyc with my sisters and all the littles…then we flew down to atl on christmas day to spend time with my in-laws. we our peacefully winding down the holiday season and prepping for a brand new year. a year end ritual of mine is to deep clean and declutter so off i go. much love.

ps this vintage polka dot dress made an appearance on the blog over three years ago.

40 weeks and 2 days…fully cooked!

and this concludes my maternity series. alas the baby has seen the light. these photos were taken just two days before i gave birth. as you can imagine there isn’t nearly as much time as there once was, hence how slow things have been around here, but i love being present with my wee little one.  even as i write this, my eyes are shutting, so off i go to snooze for a while. i hope you all on this side of the world are enjoying  summer.

spring inspired outfits…a restrospective

still waiting for spring to truly arrive, there’s still quite a chill in the air. hoping it warms up soon. in the mean time-a look back.

past outfits: pink slip,  orange groves, under the boardwalk, spring embraces, red keds, the classic trio, duck duck goose, tribal, embracing the rain

Six Months Cooked

so i wanted to see if i could pull off a crop top preggers and all, and i happen to come across one at beacon’s last week.  i wore this last saturday for my friend’s 30th bday and then again on sunday for my friend’s fried chicken and mac n cheese brunch. there was some raw kale salad and fruit to balance things out. back to back festivities wear me out these days, hence the sleepy eyes, but i couldn’t resist surprising my friend and errm free range pastured fried chicken–definitely worth dragging myself out for that. i have a few trips lined up that i’m really excited about. i’m headed to texas, yes texas! i’ve never been, but that will change come thursday, josh’s film  krs one: brooklyn to the bronx is in the sxsw festival. i can’t wait to get down south for warmer weather and . . .

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