My Sweetest Gift…


yes, it’s cheesy, but she sure is. hope you all had a wonderful holiday. we split our time between my parents place here in nyc with my sisters and all the littles…then we flew down to atl on christmas day to spend time with my in-laws. we our peacefully winding down the holiday season and prepping for a brand new year. a year end ritual of mine is to deep clean and declutter so off i go. much love.

ps this vintage polka dot dress made an appearance on the blog over three years ago.

40 weeks and 2 days…fully cooked!

and this concludes my maternity series. alas the baby has seen the light. these photos were taken just two days before i gave birth. as you can imagine there isn’t nearly as much time as there once was, hence how slow things have been around here, but i love being present with my wee little one.  even as i write this, my eyes are shutting, so off i go to snooze for a while. i hope you all on this side of the world are enjoying  summer.

spring inspired outfits…a restrospective

still waiting for spring to truly arrive, there’s still quite a chill in the air. hoping it warms up soon. in the mean time-a look back.

past outfits: pink slip,  orange groves, under the boardwalk, spring embraces, red keds, the classic trio, duck duck goose, tribal, embracing the rain

Six Months Cooked

so i wanted to see if i could pull off a crop top preggers and all, and i happen to come across one at beacon’s last week.  i wore this last saturday for my friend’s 30th bday and then again on sunday for my friend’s fried chicken and mac n cheese brunch. there was some raw kale salad and fruit to balance things out. back to back festivities wear me out these days, hence the sleepy eyes, but i couldn’t resist surprising my friend and errm free range pastured fried chicken–definitely worth dragging myself out for that. i have a few trips lined up that i’m really excited about. i’m headed to texas, yes texas! i’ve never been, but that will change come thursday, josh’s film  krs one: brooklyn to the bronx is in the sxsw festival. i can’t wait to get down south for warmer weather and . . .

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A Bit Wintry

i have been rocking this coat all winter like it’s my job. it’s so heavy and warm.  i lurve it, i really do. i scored this one at a church thrift store in new hampshire last winter after a snowboarding trip.  i’ve only spotted two people with the same coat. a random woman in caroll gardens and ashley of fancy fine. my poor other coats are so jealous, they really aren’t getting any play. i need to seriously give this one a rest but it’s either this or my snowboarding jacket because i just can’t sacrifice being cold. this coat was 20 bucks well spent.

after storm nemo josh and i took a walk in prospect park. it’s been so cold but we’ve had very little snow. i have to admit it took a lot for me to leave the comforts of my warm and cozy . . .

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Mama Bear…Baby Bear

so i randomly walked into a new thrift shop on fifth avenue in park slope and scored this tweed coat for five bucks. there were some gross tissues in the pocket and car keys, i took this coat straight to the dry cleaners the same day. it still has an old lady smell that i hope will go away after being aired out in this brutally cold weather. i got this sweater for myself for valentine’s day last winter and whaddayaknow…here i am about to be a mama bear. i love pocketless pants, you may remember how crazy i was about my brown pants that eventually split. well i now have them in black and in navy. they were thirteen bucks at h&m and i must confess, i also got a navy and black pair for when i go back to . . .

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Wedding Guest Outfit Series…VII


my tailor was one of the first people that i told, that i was trying to have a baby. back in july when i got this dress tailored, i made sure to make sure he gave me some wiggle room because i knew i’d be wearing it for a november wedding. surprisingly, i found out i was pregnant the day of the wedding. so there was no drinking for me. i didn’t know it then, but i was eight weeks. in these photos i’m seventeen weeks. all told, i think he did a great job. what was really special about this wedding was that the bride is a childhood friend. i’ve known her longer than any of the other people who’s weddings i attended. she had a brooklyn celebration, a ceremony in mexico (that we couldn’t swing), and berkeley celebration. we were so excited for the brooklyn . . .

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On Solid Ground

on our last day in atlanta, we took a stroll around martin luther king’s neighborhood. the first time we visited, years ago,  we toured his home, this time we just took in the architecture of this historic district. it was so amazing to walk around and spend some time where the young mlk spent his childhood.

outfit details: dress vintage albert nipon, shoes vintage ferragamo, earrings handmade in bklyn

on a very sad note, my heart goes out to all those affected by the newton school tragedy.

. . .

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Wedding Guest Outfit Series…Early Autumn

i took a forced break since the blog was broken, but now she’s all fixed! i didn’t love the fit of the dress and chose to wear it primarily for the color. i will not do that again. i will certainly go for fit over color next time. i’ve had this dress for a while, but this is just my second time wearing it. it’s this strange polyester that stains easily, so between the fit and the fabric. i won’t be wearing this one again, off to the donation bin it goes. anyhow, our friends got married and it was incredible. you know those people that you can just drink up. the bride is one of them. i swear we are kindred spirits. it was such an honor to be at her wedding.  it was so… my style.  the 1920′s style band was incredible. . . .

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Wedding Guest Outfit Series V…Black Tie

last saturday, josh and i had the pleasure of attending his cousin’s black tie wedding. it was a fancy new york wedding. you know the kind that makes it in the new york times. the kind where a famous person comes and sings a sinatra classic. i didn’t know him and he was seated right next to me at our dinner table. i just made small talk you know. so, i searched high and low for the perfect dress to wear to this wedding and it just didn’t happen. everything i loved was waaay out of my price range, so i borrowed this dress from a friend and it worked out well. one of my friends told me that every woman should have at least one black tie dress. i don’t anticipate any black tie events for a good long while, but hopefully by the time . . .

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