A Birthday Present…

today is my mom’s birthday and it was difficult to come up with an appropriate gift for her. she’s provided me with so much support as i navigate my journey through motherhood. i printed and framed this photo for her. it must be an incredible feeling to immigrate to a new country, set down roots, raise children and then raise grandchildren and get to celebrate their success. her journey to this moment was not an easy one,but she got there, and i have so much respect for how powerful she it. wishing my mom many more years of joy and laughter.

Long Gone


           summer’s long gone and i can’t help but look back at the memories we made.  i’m grateful for how happy, easygoing, open and friendly this little girl is. don’t get me wrong she can be assertive and stubborn to, but i am fascinated at how she interacts with people and how comfortable she is entering a new environment. a few of my favorites from this summer…



she loved eating my chin

curious about what the big kids are up to.

. . .

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Dog Days

we’ve been savoring every morsel of this summer. when we aren’t working we’re splashing, napping, cuddling, cycling and soaking in the sunshine.


A Year Old…

so i’ve been thinking so much about this time last year, i had a tiny week old baby and my job was to be as close to her as possible, feed her and help her to feel secure and happy on the outside. i would talk to her jokingly, when she was still in the womb, and tell her to stay in as long as she wants because navigating through life on the outside can be a challenge. i couldn’t be happier with how she’s grown, how social she is and how comfortable and confident she is in her own skin and in a variety of environments. the sweetest thing as of late are the kisses. she doles them out ever so generously. she blows kisses using her pointer finger, she’s smooth. she’s starting to pick up on nonverbal communication. at first it was pointing, but now she . . .

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Pregnancy & newborn Magazine Feature

P&N Feature_cropped


every year pregnancy and newborn magazine features five fascinating mamas. i’m in the may issue, yay! check it out.

This moment…

 after work, i come home to the warmest greeting imaginable. josh was sweet enough to capture it. could you believe she’s 8 months old already? she has two bottom teeth, she crawls from room to room and loves to dance. She’s so engaged and curious, my favorite age yet.

Mother & Child

i am still incredibly humbled and honored to mother this sweet child. i often tell josh, i can’t believe she’s mine. he reminds me that she’s mine to guide and not to keep. for now, i’m reveling in the closeness and i welcome the continuous change.

we are three…


i woke up this morning and the sun was lying like a birthday parcel on my table so i opened it up and so many happy things went fluttering into the air — i don’t believe i’ve ever been so heavy with happiness. – from the love letters of zelda fitzgerald

balancing being a new mama, work, breast feeding and all the rest…soaking in this chapter.

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The Rain Room

for our eight year (together) anniversary, on the summer solstice, we headed to moma for the rain room exhibit. we are both fans of interactive art and couldn’t think of a better way to spend our special day.

from the moma website: A field of falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected, Rain Room offers visitors the experience of controlling the rain. Known for their distinctive approach to contemporary digital practice, Random International’s experimental projects come alive through audience interaction—and Rain Room is their largest and most ambitious to date. The work invites visitors to explore the roles that science, technology, and human ingenuity can play in stabilizing our environment. Using digital technology, Rain Room creates a carefully choreographed downpour, simultaneously encouraging people to become performers on an unexpected stage and creating an intimate atmosphere of . . .

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Crochet Braids

popping in quickly to show you my crochet braids. my little cousin was sweet and patient enough to come over and spend a couple of hours doing my hair. i washed and deep conditioned my hair following naptural85′s regimen. my cousin cornrowed my hair and crocheted kinky marley hair into the braids, so my hair is in a protective style and i get to enjoy a fro. i have a huge hair crush on cyntthia (who is so lovely by the way, i bumped into her at the brooklyn flea early this summer). glad i could get the look even though i don’t have the length yet.