Illustration by Anna Emilia Latinien.

Hi, I’m Monique, I grew up on Rockaway Peninsula, nestled between Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, rumored to have the cleanest air in New York City. I spent countless summers cycling the boardwalk and flying kites. On Sundays my dad would take my sisters and I to the movie theaters where we would take goofy photo booth photos before the show. My mother often fussed over her three girls. On cold winter days she would excitedly dress me in my favorite wool pea coat and matching beret. I left home at eighteen years old to attend university. I studied literature in Pennsylvania and returned to New York City where I currently nest in Brooklyn. Soon after moving to Brooklyn, I met my fiance…we fell in love in the kitchen. In the summer of 2005, I was a school teacher and off for the summer so we spent many days slowly cooking gourmet meals and leisurely dining at local Brooklyn restaurants. In 2008 I was costume designer for Treasury Men In Action, written and directed by the Mister. Designing a wardrobe for these characters enabled me to merge my love of literature and fashion.

Tipa Tipa is a potpourri of the things I love: fashion, food and film. Enjoy.