33rd Birthday


           as you can see from the infrequency of my posts, i certainly have my hands full. last thursday, as i begrudgingly headed to work on my birthday, i came across these blooming trees. i decided i was ready to be back here in this space, as a gift to myself. a tad wrinkled and a bit linty, but hey… such is life. my skin is quite dry after such a long, harsh, cold winter and i may just get a facial. the last time i got one was for my wedding. with how busy it’s been the past ten months so many things went by the wayside and taking care of my skin was one of them. believe it or not my hair is three times this length. i got it trimmed for my birthday and while i never blow it out, they had to in order to trim it. i was really happy with how much it’s grown since i’ve been wearing twists and crochet braids as protective styles. once they added leave in conditioner and curling cream it shrunk right up. i love volume, but i do want to feel comfortable wearing it in twists as well.


my birthday was pretty low key this year. i spent time with josh and my little one. we took an afternoon walk around our neighborhood. elisane loves dogs, whenever she sees one she tries to talk to it and she gets incredibly excited. we had an early dinner at seersucker which was absolutely delicious. if you’re ever in caroll gardens, i highly recommend it. the food is high quality and locally sourced. josh remembered my request for tres leches cake, which i told him about weeks ago. we put the baby to bed and enjoyed cake and wine and an episode of mad men. friday night was reserved for a night out with my gals.


 outfit details: hat h&m (old), blouse vintage, pants h&m (old), shoes lucky brand

            bib gifted, all baby clothes second hand/hand me downs, headband gifted

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