Summer Wedding Guest…Hudson Valley

so for the first time ever, i decided to get a formal dress hemmed for flats. it was so weird being at the cleaners without a pair of heels in my bag. i figured it would be way easier to walk around the grass with sandals, the cut of this dress has a high waist, which lengthens the body, so i really didn’t need to look that much taller, and with a month old baby i didn’t want to take any chances. i’m not very good with heels, but i am stubborn. you will not catch me on the dance floor of a wedding with bare feet. i either tough it out, or bring cute dressy flats to dance in. no offense to those who do, i just like the idea of keeping my getup on point for the entire night. so on to the dress. i was looking for a dress that i could easily nurse the baby with, but one that was also on par with my style. i found this one at asos and kept putting it in my cart but not pushing the purchase button as it was pricey. as we got closer to the wedding date, and the hotel reservations were made, i figured i’d just go for it. on the website the dress appears more orange than peach. so when it arrived i was on the fence as to whether i should keep it, but once i tried it on, i fell in love with the detailed waist. my m.i.l. had gotten elisane a pretty cute dress when she first came to visit her and so we ended up having matching outfits. i kept telling people it wasn’t planned, but no one believed me.

oh i forgot to mention this little trick i learned from my friend. if you have a dress that shows off a lot of back, you can wear a bathing suit top since it’s so minimal. this way you get support and still show off some skin. in my hey day, i would have just gone braless, since i was pretty flat chested, but with my new set of postpartum boobies the bathing suit top is excellent for support and for storing nursing pads.

josh’s shirt is untucked, the baby’s missing a shoe. my dress is super wrinkled at the bottom.  this is us.

we don’t have it all together, but we try.

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