Our bebe…

on the stormy thursday evening of june 27th, i gave birth to my daughter. this was certainly the most powerful experience of my life. i gave birth naturally and vaginally, no inductions, no epidural. i’ll share more about that when i write my birth story. these photos are bits and pieces of the last month.

  • she loves her changing table, she looks up at the sky during the day and checks out the twinkling lights of the city at night
  • in the wee hours of the night, erm morning, we listen to edith piaf, curtis mayfiled and bob marley.
  • the good thing about having a baby in the summer is…they don’t need much clothing, i couldn’t resist these leg warmers though, great for when the ac is on.
  • nesting.
  • we met up with friends to toast our bebe at our local beer garden
  • after ten straight days in doors we ventured out to the pediatrician and a walk through the park where josh and i had our first kiss.
  • my dad picked up his granddaughter after much cajoling, he’s nervous about holding newborns. so exciting for him to see that his youngest daughter now has a daughter of her own.
  • snuggling with papa, yikes his feet are dir-tay
  • sunday afternoon stroll, mama is looking forward to building up her strength and getting fit.
  • the last photo is pretty much how my hands look most ofย  the time. i love nursing and being close to my bebe, it feels so natural and so right.

i want to give a little shout out to a reader from DC who was in Brooklyn visiting her sister and recognized me in target and said hello. you motivated me to carve out some time to post. it was really wonderful to meet you, i’m glad we got to chat!

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