Wedding Guest Outfit Series…VII


my tailor was one of the first people that i told, that i was trying to have a baby. back in july when i got this dress tailored, i made sure to make sure he gave me some wiggle room because i knew i’d be wearing it for a november wedding. surprisingly, i found out i was pregnant the day of the wedding. so there was no drinking for me. i didn’t know it then, but i was eight weeks. in these photos i’m seventeen weeks. all told, i think he did a great job. what was really special about this wedding was that the bride is a childhood friend. i’ve known her longer than any of the other people who’s weddings i attended. she had a brooklyn celebration, a ceremony in mexico (that we couldn’t swing), and berkeley celebration. we were so excited for the brooklyn celebration because it was fifteen minutes from our place. what was really fun too, was that my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew were all there.

we took these photos at the brooklyn museum, which is a short bike ride from our place. it was way too cold to take outdoor photos. i can’t believe i wore this dress on a snowy day.

seventeen weeks cooked!

with my folks

with my dad, sister and nephew

bride and groom with my brother in law and the fam

outfit details: dress yo vintage, shoes marais usa, earrings 1. etsy, 2. anthro, bracelet beacon’s

p.s. wedding guest outfit series: i, ii-iv, v, vi

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