2012 Highlights

we danced our way into 2012

i chopped off nearly ten inches of my hair

we spent easter with family in the hollywood hills

i celebrated one year of marriage.

we flew back to california and hung out with friends in venice and santa barabara.

then we drove up the coastal highway to big sur

and flew to haiti to visit family.

before i jump too deeply into 2013, i wanted to quickly look back at 2012. it was an exciting year filled with so many new beginnings. lots of our friends got married. i think we attended seven or eight weddings. i still have two wedding guest outfit posts to share from last year. my cousin and some close friends had babies. i some how managed to teach high school students, but then decided at the end of the school year to move on to private practice. our apartment is coming together finally… once we get a better lens i can take some decent photos of this place. what i learned in 2012 is that sometimes what you want is not necessarily what’s healthy for you, emotionally. i also learned the powerful process of healing. 2013 i’m ready.

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