Quirky Secretary…

i’d like to think that i was doing pretty okay with the whole clean look. just didn’t last that long. i’m too much of a scatter brain to be consistent with what i wear, but i do like to think that what i wear is me. it took forever, but i finally took this skirt to get tailored and couldn’t resist wearing the whole shebang. way back i wore the blouse and i have to admit the whole thing is pretty crazy. i think i’ll tone the skirt down with a white blouse or tank in the spring. i was a secretary for a real estate company during the first two summers of high school. i dressed nothing like this. i would grab whatever i could find and drag myself to work. many of the agents just checked their messages and the broker just needed someone to answer phones so i was often alone and would sleep at my desk between rings. the rings would rouse me and i’d try to not sound like i was just napping and put on my best phone voice. ah the old secretary days.

outfit details: blouse and skirt set vintage, shoes marais usa, earrings handmade in bklyn

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