Lentil Soup

last night, i made the lively up yourself lentil soup from 101 cookbooks. often times i’ll start cooking and then josh, our resident chef will come in and take over because i get annoyed or just throw in the towel, since he’s such an amazing cook, i let him take over to ensure that i don’t screw things up. i made this soup all on my lonesome. josh worked late last night and didn’t get home in time to take over or save me from my frustration. there was none really. this soup is easy peasy. i altered the recipe slightly. i used homemade chicken broth (made by josh, our freezer is well stocked with this stuff but that’s a whole other food post) instead of water and i didn’t add a poached egg since i haven’t figured out how to do that so well yet. this soup is so good people and you have to splurge on some saffron to make the saffron yogurt, it’s so worth it.

p.s. beet soup & black bean soup

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