these pants reminded me so much of the ones i saw on the madewell site and while on a trip to target in which i intend to just have a “look,” at the clothing section.  i ended up coming home with these. i’m getting much better at not being and impulse buyer. i really thought this one through, it was much more affordable than the pair i originally wanted. i wore this outfit to work and then again during our trip to atlanta for thanksgiving. yes, these pics are not in nyc, neither was the last outfit post. we were in atl for thanksgiving. all the leaves were peaking and the weather was perfect. i had so much fun hanging out with my old college friend who lives down there and of course josh’s 92 year old granny. nothing like a southern thanksgiving. the pecan pie was delicious! my m.i.l.  is amazing at making tasty gluten-free meals. our entire thanksgiving dinner was gluten free and so good.

this blazer didn’t fare too well between our two cats and my in-laws two dogs…lots of hair

outfit details: denim blouse f21, blazer vintage, necklace vintage, pants target, boots boutique 9 (old), purse gifted

look who decided to make an appearance! my lovely husband and photographer. he’s my favorite!

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