Film Fridays: Take This Waltz

this film is so well written, though melancholic,  had just enough comedic moments to not weigh too heavily on sensitive hearts. michelle williams is incredibly intuitive as margot, a happily married twenty-eight year old, who is trying to figure out whether to weather the “gap” in her marriage or follow her instincts. seth rogen’s performance as lou, michelle’s cook book writer husband is stellar. emily, thank you so much for suggesting the film to me.

p.s. michelle williams was also amazing in  blue valentine


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  • I haven’t even heard of this film, which is strange because I love Michelle Williams! And you’re right, she was amazing in Blue Valentine.
    Will have to check this one out :)

    Take only Memories

  • I’m so glad you liked it! Very people seemed to hate it, but I really found it quite magical. On second viewing, I did think the ending was a little out-of-sync with the rest though.

    Still, I also love Michelle Williams, her films, her style, her hair! Also, the man who plays Daniel is from the city my dad lives in, so I’m crossing my fingers to run into him in a bar. 😀

  • I haven’t seen this, but now I definitely want to. Good idea to review movies on your blog! I’m always looking for great new interesting content.


  • saw the preview for this film recently. Michelle Williams is one of my all time faves and can do no wrong.

  • ive been wanting to see this but couldn’t remember the name of it. thankd for posting this!

  • I haven’t heard of this movie, which is surprising! I will have to go check it out :) She is so dang cute!

    <3 Cambria

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  • “do-do-do-do-do-dooooo” Ha! I can’t help but think of “Dawson’s Creek”, when I see her. Putting this one on the list to watch…
    I saw “Take Shelter”, upon your recommendation & also wrote a post on it. Good one! Thank you.

  • Sara

    I like both of them a lot, so I could see myself liking this film. I never did see Blue Valentine though.

  • I think Michelle Williams is pretty amazing in everything. I was sobbing by the end of Blue Valentine. But, I watch it every time I see it on.

  • Mrs. Pancakes

    I heard of the film and wasn’t sure about the chemistry between Seth and Michelle but it sounds interesting! Michelle is such a great actress!!

  • Love this movie too !!!
    The atmosphere, the colors, Michelle Williams retro’s style, everything! I am absolutely in love with this woman !!

  • How eerie! I just finished this on netflix and in my insomnia decided to do some blog-hopping…

    Not that it matters, but I found this film to be a little too far away from reality. Though it was beautifully understated, I would’ve like to have seen what the real issue was in the marriage. I guess what I could take away from it was that something was missing and through the other man she could go about the beginning stages of finding that. But the sad sexy baby thing (Michelle Williams rocked) just wasn’t working for me in this film.

    I know it’s a (insomniac) rant, but as someone who has kind of been through a similar situation, it’s hard to see it portrayed in such a shallow manner.

    Let’s hang, like, for real to talk about this and more further.

  • Oh! I love the post! I thought we were following each other! lets do it! I’m joining you site.

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