Autumn Botanical

my hats fit me differently now that i have short hair. i wasn’t so sure how this one was going to pan out, but i really like it, more so than with shoulder length hair. last autumn when i taught high school english literature, i wore this skirt regularly. socks and wedges look much better than tights and wedges, but it’s a bit too cold for that. i wore these wedges a ton last fall too because it gave me the height and i could be on my feet all day with these. by the way, thanks for the advice about being coffee free. i sometimes have a little bit of green  and peppermint tea mixed with more peppermint then green. just a tiny pick me up as i’ve been sleeping so much since quitting coffee. it’s been pretty good. i don’t feel like i’m existing in fast forward anymore. i’m sure in a week or two i’ll be all balanced, where i have a good amount of energy, but still feel fairly relaxed, at least that’s what i’m hoping for.

outfit details: hat vintage, silk blouse vintage, skirt vintage, cardigan h&m, wedges (old) j.crew

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