Black Bean Soup

i was in denial about autumn being here for quite some time. i was hoping for an indian summer, but that was wishful thinking. it’s getting chilly. i wore tights for the first time this week and was certain i’d be burning up, but nope, i was totally comfortable. we made our first batch of soup for the season. josh emailed me this black bean soup and toasted cumin recipe from smitten kitchen. my friend anna was visiting with her kiddos and we made this soup together. she’s a farmer and a really great cook and she doesn’t normally follow recipes.  she said she’s glad we did as the cumin crème fraîche was delicious. we mostly followed the recipe, except we soaked the black beans overnight, (which made them cook a lot quicker an hour and a half instead of 3 hours) we didn’t have chipotle so we used crushed red pepper. also, ours wasn’t vegetarian my friend suggested we sauté pastured bacon with the veggies. man, it was good! we made some natural brown rice and drizzled a bit on top. anyone have any soup their looking forward to making? more soup here. image and recipe via

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