it’s been hot/cold, rainy/sunny in nyc lately. some days i wear sandals and rush home to put my feet into a pair of warm socks. other days my feet are so freakin hot i kick myself for wearing oxfords… can’t really win with spring. not sure if you noticed, but we got a new camera. i swear my husband is the best money manager ever. of course (when our camera was stolen) i wanted another camera right away, but he urged me to borrow the camera i had gifted my sister until he figured things out. our renter’s insurance covered the cost of our camera.  josh sold an old camera he used for shooting video and voila.  we garnered enough funds to buy a used cannon  5D mark ii. we bought the body from a friend who was upgrading. we then purchased a lens each. we are really big on living within our means. there’s no guilt or debt surrounding purchases. this requires a lot of will power and patience but it’s so worth it. josh is certainly the chief financial advisor of our home. the man can live on air. anyway enough about finances. the weekend is upon us and i can not wait for it to start. we are going to the brooklyn museum for my nephew’s exhibition, our friend’s bbq before her baby number 2 arrives and our friends birthday celebration later on that night. i’m going to keep it pretty low key tomorrow so that i can last through all of saturday’s festivities. have a great one!

outfit details: cape asos, blouse vintage, pants target, oxfords vintage, my mom’s vintage belt

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