Goals Revisited IV

goals, goals, goals, how are they going for you? this month i plan to focus on decision making, exercise and quality time with friends. i decided that while i have my long list of goals, its necessary to focus on what’s most pressing. i have some major decisions to make and i need to allow some room and space in order to soundly make those decisions. exercising has still been a challenge, due to my insane work load, but this must be the thing i do for myself. i must build up my strength and endurance. reaching that goal will require at least six hours a week of cardio. i may start with twice a week and work up from there. my friend abbie and i have been having mani/pedi days. i love this little ritual of ours. our apartment is in need of the warmth of our friends so i’m going to host a dinner party in the next few weeks to fill this place up with all our gems. oh and these boys surely know how to take it easy…

first image unknown source, second image by josh

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