we spent memorial day weekend in the woods of pennsylvania. we rented a house, grilled out, went swimming and did some hiking. there was no need to get dressed up at all. we got back into brooklyn early enough to make it to our friend’s bbq and i thought i’d throw on this dress. josh got it for me for my birthday last month. i sent him links to about six or seven dresses i liked. he chose quite well i must say. last month my dad turned 65 and i turned 31, we thought it would be fun to gather the entire family and get out of town and celebrate together. we had some great family time. i enjoyed eating all our meals together out on the deck and listening to my parents tell funny stories. my niece and nephews transformed and adapted quickly from city kids to country kids. they never grew tired of pointing out all the deer, little frogs and chipmunks. can’t wait to do it again next year.

outfit details: dress vintage via custard heart, wedges j.crew, bag vintage

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