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last weekend we had a lovely time at my friend’s baby shower in philly. after the shower i made my way back home, i desperately wanted to stay and catch up with friends but i had so much grading to do. the bus ride back was painless as i had enjoyed quite a few cucumber, mint, lemon & gin cocktails at the party. the mr. stayed in p.a. where he visited some friends in the suburbs of philadelphia… (media, p.a.) our car was parked in the car port of his friends home and of all the cars on the block. mind you our friends, both husband and wife each have bmw’s and i have a bumpy, bruised up and scratched 2000 nissan altima with 165,000 miles on it. anyways. our car was broken into and josh had left our camera in the car. it had 2100 photos on it. i know shame-shame if only i had completed my 12 before 2012 goals. it had two more outfit posts from our trip out to l.a. which i was strategically trying to save the best for last. if only the thief would have left the sd card, i know times are rough but he doesn’t need my memories. my mom would simply say, you can’t always have good times, you have to have bad times too. i have since gotten over it but damn, ouch! that one really hurt. my sister was sweet to lend me my old nikon that i gifted her a few years ago so all is well. we plan to sell some of our other video equipment to buy another camera. then i’ll really be good to go. image credit

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