Griffith Observatory

vacations are bad, very, very bad! i’ve known for a long time that i’m not cut out for short vacations but josh’s family proposed a trip and we couldn’t refuse. it was great fun. the bad part is coming back to reality. sheesh! we’ve been home for a week and i’m sort of getting back into the groove of no longer living in the hollywood hills, no longer having a view of the city from my bedroom-and the bathroom don’t let me get into the bathroom. it had a sauna, jacuzzi and wet shower. and one whole wall was all windows facing the city with more views. i’m very grateful to josh’s family for being so generous and for providing us with such a comfortable home to stay in. school will be out in two months and we’ll be headed back to cali for a wedding and then i have all of July and August to enjoy the kind of vacation that i’m wired for. well it’s sat. josh and i are headed to philly for our friend’s second hand baby shower. she requested that we ask our friends and siblings for their unwanted and gently used baby items. i really like this idea and am excited to see all the treasures she gets. have a good weekend!

outfit details: hat asos, blazer vintage, dress vintage, wedges j.crew

hooray you made it through the end of a picture heavy post! i should have forewarned you.

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