Goals Revisited II

month two of 2012 is behind us and i have to say it has been a pretty great month. josh and i went snowboarding, visited old friends we’ve been meaning to see forever and boy was that gratifying. there’s something about seeing old friends that’s so comfortable and familiar. i feel like i got my fill of their good energy to last me until i see them again. every night we had long talks until the wee hours of the night. i enjoyed playing with our friends three kids, enjoying family dinners and drinking wine. as far as our apartment is concerned we have photo collages complete in the living room and entryway, our polaroids are also up. we’ve made lots of progress as far as decorating. i don’t own a scale but went to the doctor and find out i lost six pounds. i attribute it to cycling and stress. i won’t go in to a whole rant but i was really sick for the last few days after going to the doctor, i started off slightly sick and then was hastily given antibiotics which made me extremely ill. i’m going to commit to taking herbs and seeing a homeopathic doctor and acupuncturist. i find my body responds to treatment with herbs as oppose to pharmaceutical drugs. as far as what’s been going on in our kitchen we got tired of blackened salmon and started searing tilapia with a white wine reduction and shallots…so good! we also made carrot ginger soup with the carrots from our winter csa it was delicious. i did some thrifting both here in brooklyn and while on our new england snowboarding trip. i can’t wait to share some of the new digs. i’m so excited for spring. i already started wearing brights.

march goals

  1. 8-9 hours of sleep daily
  2. continue to work on being an active listener
  3. complete kitchen, bedroom and entryway decor
  4. take at least one yoga and or dance class this month
  5. take vitamins daily, bring lunch from home to work, more tea less coffee and drink lots of water

how are your goals going? I find putting the goals down in writing really helps. of course there are a gazillion other goals swirling around in my head but for now this is what i’ll focus on. happy march people!

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