Under the boardwalk, boardwalk

most sundays i go to my hometown in queens and see my parents. they live a few minutes from the beach. it’s such a lovely treat to take a stroll and take in deep breaths of the sea. we saw an old man and his wife with a bag of bread. they had come to feed the seagulls. unfortunately there were none around and i kind of felt bad for the couple they were there for a while with their bread on the ground just waiting. so i am crazy in love with this blouse. i got it from beacon’s and guess what? it came with a micro pleated skirt to match. i haven’t worn the skirt yet but i’m really excited to mix and match and possible wear the two pieces together. the best feature about this blouse besides the print is that the ascot is removable. i love the detailing. my hair is not looking it’s best because i attended a festival earlier that day in which powder and paint were thrown at us. i’ll explain next time. thank you ladies so so much for your positivity. i was sooo nervous to share the new do. thank you for being so encouraging. i’m loving it.

outfit details: coat second hand free people, blouse vintage dead stock, skirt vintage, t-strap shoes biviel

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