Long Overdue…

on new year’s eve my friend texted me that she would be wearing a pretty insane outfit for our night out. josh and i were still doing some last minute cleaning as we wanted to go into the new year with a spotless apartment. i didn’t even think about what i was going to wear. i noticed a lot of sequins online for new year’s eve outfits but i wanted to wear what i already had. i totally forgot that i had sequins in my closet. for my birthday josh went into my etsy favorites and bought me a few things. this dress from custard heart vintage was one of them. it worked out well because i wanted to follow the brazilian tradition of wearing white/ light colors to go into the new year. while i haven’t experienced new year’s in brazil yet. one of the traditions they have is that they wear white and throw flowers into the ocean for a prosperous new year. while i celebrated in brooklyn, i was the only person at hot bird wearing white. i got a lot of sweet compliments from some ladies at the bar. they also complimented josh for choosing such a great dress. (i didn’t explain the whole etsy favorites thing)  i just got this dress back from the cleaners and i figured before i put it away that i would share it with you. my coat pockets came in handy as i didn’t wear a purse since we rode our bikes down to the park for fireworks before heading to the bar. gah i’m all over the place with this one but anyway do you have any new year’s traditions?

outfit details: coat vintage via beacon’s closet, dress vintage custard heart vintage, shoes vintage thirteen bees vintage

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