Goals Revisited I

one month has already escaped us and it’s time to look at what goals were accomplished during the month of january and what the focus will be for february. i was able to cross off a third of the goals in my 12 before 2012 which i’m really excited about but still so much more to go…as far as wellness is concerned, i did get my quarterly body scrub and it was worth every penny. i must admit, it felt a bit indulgent but boy does my skin feel amazing. i’m still working on getting more sleep. i probably average 5-7 hours as oppose to the 8-9 my body needs. if you’ve noticed i haven’t been around to visit, please bare with me it’s because i’ve decided to make some time for sleep. i’ve been taking a course on social emotional learning to better support my students and we touched on active listening. i am no where near where i’d like to be as far as being a kickass listener but i certainly stop myself when i feel the impulse to jump in.  i find that when i meet someone with really good eye contact, i can’t help but wish i had that. or when i meet someone who’s incredibly kind and polite it makes me want to be a bit more like that. i’m really glad that in my professional life and my personal life that i have people around me that inspire me to embrace so many of their wonderful qualities. with that said, this month i will make the following my goals. how about you? how are your resolutions/goals panning out?

  1. get to work 30-45 minutes early
  2. sleep, sleep and more sleep
  3. listen, just listen
  4. maintain cycling 3x a week
  5. complete entryway, living room and kitchen projects

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  • TOI

    Well done Monique. I had 3 goals for January but I managed complete none. Well, I did work on them but didn’t complete 100%. I’ve given myself few more days to complete them. Wish me luck as I wish you luck for Feb :).

  • Those are some great goals, you can do it! I didn’t make any…shame on me XD

  • great goals you have! I have the same sleep issue… I usually get 5-6 hours if I am lucky… there are just too many things to do within a day! I hope you get to where you want :)


  • Your skin always looks amazing to me! Good luck catching those Z’s:)

  • cb

    i need to get more sleep to and wake up on time. i feel like i am always scrambling out the door and then i have to race to the train! i think getting enough sleep and waking up early go hand and hand. we can do it!!

  • Hi Monique,

    I totally relate to the whole being a better listener thing. I tend to cut people off and finish their sentences. Often, my mind can be very impatient. I try to catch myself now and be more conscious of not doing that.
    So far I’m doing well with my new years resolutions. I’ve broken some, but Ive found that when I give myself permission to occasionally break the rules, I’m less likely to do so. I don’t like lots of restrictions and have had a rebellious nature from a very young age.

    Good luck with your resolutions!

  • Excellent goals. I agree. It`s very important to be well rested. Sleep is vital. xx

  • wow that’s amazing that you completed your goals! i never completed mine for January and it was to manage my sleep (not to sleep too much lol`kinda opposite of yours) i’m trying to put my sleep away from 9-12hrs to at least 6 and wake-up earlier to get my studying schedule on point. its third week of school and my body is still in holiday mode so my goal for feb is to perfect my study/ sleep routine and sleep 6hrs and study at least 9-12hrs everyday.

  • you always have goals that are so similar to mine (even if i haven’t written mine out yet! that would be goal #1 haha). i have been really trying to be a better listener first and foremost and i find myself holding back too when i want to jump in. i guess if we keep catching ourselves, eventually it will come naturally. we’ll see how it goes… i’ve been really bad at commenting as well as of late, must carve out a time to catch up on my blog reading!

  • I think I achieved one of my goals out of 4.It seems great.lol.x

  • do you mind if i borrow your goals for, like, the rest of my life?!


  • Glad you linked back to this, missed it before. That’s so wonderful you work with people who inspire and remind you to work on personal goals like this.

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