twelve by 2012

i learned about this goal project from modish and it’s being hosted by hello friend. i thought it was the perfect way to start the week and end the year. there’s so many things that i want to do and so many good habits that i’d like to incorporate into my life and so i’ve made a list… whether you will partake or not do you have any goals you want to accomplish by 2012?

my list of 12 before 2012

1. upload all the photos that are on my camera on to my hard drive

2. clear out my emails. i have 736 on my blog email and this is horrible…11,570 on my personal email…yikes

3. organize the hall closets we are really luck to live in a space with large closets now we just have to de-clutter them

4. find a vintage trunk for the front of our bed to store linens and blankets

5. set up my little office nook in the bedroom

6. get a few quotes on how much will cost to paint our place. then work out our budget to see if we can make it happen this year or nearly next.

7. create a weekly schedule that includes 2-3 days of exercise

8. frame 10 photos for the living room wall collage

9. decrease gluten intake by 50%  and increase yogurt and kombucha intake

10. write thank you cards to everyone who attended our wedding.

11. outfit my bike with built in bags to make for smoother rides to work

12. get more sleep, meaning 8 hours daily

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