Film Fridays: LaRiena & Joe

one of my dearest friend’s lariena got married on sept. 11th. i mentioned it a few times before. these two met at summer camp as teenagers…how sweet is that? she had an epic celebration. there were so many cute little details about her wedding, like mini grill cheese h’orderves(hard word to spell), an intention tree with vintage tags that we could write our well wishes on. instead of giving wedding favors, they sponsored two cambodian children. the couple spent a significant amount of time traveling and working in asia. there was an album with pictures of them from their travels and one with photos of friends, most whom attended wedding. something really unique about her wedding is that many of our friends came with their parents. she became a part not only of her friend’s lives but their parents too.  the after party was at a dive bar in chapel hill and then we went out for fried chicken cheddar biscuits at 3am. if your ever in chapel hill you have to have stop in at time out and indulge. she loves the song home, so they made this video at her rehearsal picnic the day before the wedding. well i’m off to relax on the couch after a full first week of teaching. i think i may treat myself to a foot massage. i’m going to an engagement lunch tomorrow and a possible adventure with josh. hope you have a great one.

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