Film Fridays: Fantastic Mr. Fox

fantastic mr. fox is based on the children’s novel, first published in 1970, written by roahl dahl. if you are/were a roahl dahl fan and haven’t seen this film yet then get to it. if you did see it, it’s certainly worth seeing again. wes anderson certainly striked the hammer on the nail with this one. there’s a great interview about this stop motion film here and a detailed synopsis of the film here.

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i’m throwing josh a birthday bash at our place and expecting 30 friends tomorrow. off to get this apartment in order and doing some food prep. I plan to serve scallops wrapped in bacon, deviled eggs made by my bestie, kimchi rolls made by kiki t, a variety of homemade pizzas fig- goat cheese-prociutto, zuccini-garlic-basil, shrimp-garlic-basil and some basic ones like sausage and peperoni. the pizza crust and sauce will also be made fresh from our kitchen. the birthday boy insisted on making those two in the morning then i’m kicking him out of the aparment so he can experience the party as an honored guest.

Happy Autumn & Happy Weekend

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