Blogger Meetup & Hand Me Downs

on wednesday i had the pleasure of meeting up with kirstie of eccentric without reason. we had a lovely time and i was so glad to be able to link up with her and share some tips on secret thrift stores, writing and some good old fashion blog talk. i was not surprised that our chats felt as if we’d known each other for some time. this young lady has so many amazing ideas and i look forward to seeing her put her ideas to work. on another note a bit a bout my outfit…both my top and my belt were given to me by my maman. as the youngest of three girls i had so many hand me downs. she did get me new things but i remember her never wanting anything to go to waist. she would cut the bottom off footed pajamas and really stretch the use of clothing and other things as much as she could. she would often buy me clothes a size or two up so i could get a lot of wear out of it and till this day, when i buy clothing i second guess myself even though i’ve been more or less the same size for the last ten years. when something is on the tight side i just worry it won’t fit in a year. i am grateful for these two hand me downs. they’ve held up well. my has had this top since the 70s…the last few outfits have been with shorts and i’m not a huge shorts person. i find it really difficult to find a pair that compliments the tummy and the derriere…well this weekend we plan to make peach ice cream with our fancy ice cream maker. i’ll let you know how it turns out.

P.S. i have a not so great camera, pretty basic but a stellar photographer, who happened to be working and wasn’t able to work his magic. kirstie’s pics came out lovely check them out here.

outfit details: top vintage, belt vintage, shorts thrifted american apparel, wedges j.crew,  satchel vintage

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