Automne à la plage

I just found out that we have been offered a weekend stay at our cousins place in The Hamptons. Some of my long time followers may remember when my blog was under construction right after I took that trip. Needless to say I thought it was due time I shared those pics especially since we’re heading out there again next month. It may not be warm enough for us to swim but it certainly won’t be as cold as it was in late October. I really miss the beach and can’t wait to head back. It feels a lot like Autumn in NYC these days…I use to be so good at blogging in real time. Gah! After the wedding I will be back to my normal self. Even as I write this post I’m thinking about the gazillion things I still need to do. I miss my camera! I left it in Atlanta and can’t wait to be reunited with it. Anyone else starting to make summer vacation plans?

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