Bell Bottoms & Platforms Getup

Don’t you hate when your home just hanging out and your hair just happens to look fabulous and your like wow, my hair looks so good I wish I was out. This happens to me often. When I’m home and toss my hair up into a bun the bun comes out great. When I’m headed out and attempt to create an updo, it’s lopsided, lumpy or loose. Hey, I do what I can. I really want to focus on taking good care of my skin and lips by protecting them against the sun and keeping them super moisturized. I’m going to come up with a regiment and this will be my goal for the month of March. Will keep you posted.

As much as I would love to live in a climate that’s warm all year round. Its certainly an accomplishment to get through a tough winter unscathed. I slipped, fell and scraped my knees once this winter but was really glad that my spirits were on the up and up. Sometimes the cold dark days can start to take its toll. Tomorrow is March and it’s already starting to look and feel like spring. I’m really enjoying these tiny winks that spring is sending our way. Just a few weeks ago things looked like this. Well, this was my getup for the King’s Speech. We went out to dinner and a movie. We had chicken tortilla soup, sauteed fish tacos and sweet plantain black bean quesadillas at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Pequena. It’s this teeny tiny restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, which is the neighborhood where the Mister and I first met. After dinner we had some extra time before the film so we went to the Green light Book Store. I definitely want to go back there when we have more time to spare. The King’s Speech was excellent. I really enjoyed the cinematography. It was so beautiful and well shot. The pacing was great and the story was told well. I provide one on one therapy for very young children with speech and various developmental delays and I really enjoyed the relationship that the king (Colin Firth) had with his speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush)

I decided to take a chance and my tweeds. The blazer is vintage from Beacon’s Closet. The vest is Ann Taylor Loft also thrifted from Beacon’s Closet. I’ve had those jeans for seven years so if they look a little rough now you know why. My sister gave them to me after she gave birth to her son. She was certain she’d never be able to fit into them but a few months later she lost all the baby weight and asked for them back, I told her I had already fallen in love with them and refused to give them back. It’s not often that I find jeans that don’t require a belt and although skinny jeans are all the rage I have been rockin’ these from time to time. They are we very well broken in. If only I could say the same about those platforms. I really enjoy wearing blouses with floppy bow ties.

On Sunday we had a tiny Osca’s potluck party with six of our friends. The Mister slow roasted two whole ducks, my neighbors brought over roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes, another friend made baked mac and cheese and for dessert our friend’s brought over homemade Oreo cookies. One of our neighbors was tweeting about the event for work and it was fun giving her cheeky tweets. She rejected a lot of our suggestions but it was good old fun all around. I really love how all the dishes complimented each other. I’m certainly a much better host when there’s only six people. I was able to refill people’s waters and remember who was drinking what and really hold down the fort. We got rid of our tube television and now we have this monstrous flat screen. We don’t have cable so it’s strictly for watching films of our choice. This was definitely a purchase influenced by the mister. It’s great fun for Oscar parties I must admit. So on to the dresses. My top four favorites were Scarlett Johansson’s Dolce & Gabana dress, Mila Kunis’ Elie Saab Couture dress, Cate Blanchett’s Givenchy Cuouture dress and Michelle Williams Chanel Couture dress.
Outfit Details: Blazer Vintage via, vest thrifted via, blouse vintage via, jeans gifted, platforms j.crew, skinny watch Target

21 comments to Bell Bottoms & Platforms Getup

  • I love the outfit…I have a bootleg version of The Kings Speech that I haven’t watched yet…I didn’t think I would be into it…Now, I’ll give it a try…I’ll let you know how I like it…

  • love your outfit~
    and i have the same faves from the oscar!

  • you are the cutest thing ever! i love the jumping shot… my god, you look like you’re soaring through the air! and the pants and outfit rock. i love bell bottoms, i actually want to get another pair – i have one, but i’ve had them for years and i’m a size bigger now, so too-tight bell bottoms are not a great thing 😉

    i loved The King’s Speech too, very entertaining and compellingly-told story. glad you liked it! didn’t realize you were working with kids with similar issues. i can’t really imagine what that’s like or where i would begin, but i’m so glad there are people like you out there to help kids tackle difficulties. keep up the good work… xo

  • Roe

    Four Things:

    (1) My very first thought as I scrolled down your beautiful new site was: God, her hair looks good. I know EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL! As a matter of faction, my hair also looked fantastic today. Was I able to go out and share its greatness with the world? No, I made a grid calendar with my sewing ruler. It was awesome.

    (2) I’ve always wanted a projector as a t.v. screen! Neighborhood movie nights or sitcom updates would be so fun!

    (3) Mila Kunis’s dress brilliant!

    (4) If you had to pick the best movie of 2010-11, what’s your choice?

  • Love this look! the jacket and vest are amazing! And I totally know what you mean about hair being great and having no where to go- happens to me all the time!

  • in love with this post. (and p.s. the blog looks great!!)

    outfit is amazing. :) and i am glad you kept the jeans!

    i can’t wait to finally see the king’s speech, and i am glad you are able to do such a good thing by helping children. such a good thing to do for someone else.

    your party sounds like it was a great time though homemade oreo cookies sound a little dangerous!!

    my fave dress of the oscars was mila’s. girl rocked it!

    hope your week is off to a great start!

  • You look swell girl! xx from Amsterdam

  • I’m loving you vintage blouse, it’s gorgeous!

  • Heavens to Betsy, you are THE cutest thing ever! I am so loving your website!! Love, love, love it!


  • Ann

    Colin Firth is such a brilliant actor no matter what role he plays…love him ♥ ♥ ♥

    I love Mila Kunis’ Elie Saab lavender gown and Reese Witherspoon’s Armani Prive…and love Sandra Bullock in there:)

  • Great outfit and already out of winter coats – we’ve had more sun here, but it’s still too chilly to not be in gloves and scarves… very much looking forward to warmer weather this month.

  • Gabriella

    cate blanchette’s dress a fave?!?!? i will go back and look at it once more before passing judgment. i will say i liked parts of it but not the whole.

  • I so love your outfit and the jump is million dollar :).

  • I’ve had this post open to read for ages, but it got lost in the pile up that is my tabs! Just wanted to say that I love all the tweed–clearly I’m going to have to check out this Beacon’s closet when I come to New York.

    I agree with you about The King’s Speech; it was a lovely movie.

  • bobc

    I love your outfits, especially the ’70s style, and the finishing touch of the royal-blue stockings!

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