Apples and Roses

Hi! This is my very first post on the new site. Please update your browser info as I am officially at If  you go to my old blogger web page it should automatically transfer to this page. Valentine’s Day at Hearth turned out to be a success. We had a seven course meal. This was my first time ever engaging in such decadence. We started off with an anchovy and frisee salad followed by Tuscan soup with white beans, bread crumbs and parmigiana. That soup was definitely my favorite of all the dishes.  For our main dishes we had salmon cooked at one hundredfifty degrees with roasted cauliflower and cauliflower puree, next was homemade pappardelle  with veal bolognese, the last of the main dishes included…get ready this one’s pretty intense, a sampler of short rib, chicken breast, veal tongue and cinghiale. Yes, I ate the veal tongue it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Cinghiale is wild boar in case you were wondering.  It’s also a Tuscan dish. Dessert began with yogurt flavored sorbet in a pear sauce and we were so full at this point. There was noway we could even have another bite of food but they brought out our final dessert of chocolate souflet. So yummy we made room. We paired these dishes with five glasses of wine. We started off with champagne, followed by two whites and two reds. We had awonderful night. The mister loved it all. The only thing I wasn’t so into was the salmon. The next day we both had a minimal appetite we were so full from all that food as we had a pretty late reservation. Just thinking back to one week ago today. I spent some time in three boroughs. Queens for work, Brooklyn my home and then Manhattan for dinner and it really was sweet to see so many people walking around with flowers for a second I felt like I was in a tiny European town. The weather was fabulous and their were good vibes all around. I brought some roses over to my mom‘s place and told her she was my Valentine like I use to do when I was a kid she loved it. Today NYC looks like this, which is also quite romantic. For those of  you who are new to my blog. I have this frame that I change with each season/occasion. Here’s how it looked in Autumn and here’s how it looked for Christmas. Now I’m starting to think about what I’ll do with it for spring.

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