Street Art: BERLIN


This time last year, I set off on my own, on a month long journey to Europe, which was mostly in Berlin with an extra long weekend in Edinburgh. I could not get enough of the street art and fashion in this city. This is wear I first got inspired by the fun colored tights. There were so many aspects of the city that I had to adjust my eyes to. There were so many cyclists. I adore their biking culture. There were tons of thrift shops and amazing flea markets. The city is incredibly green and the pace isn’t so fast considering the size of the city. There was so much live music, coming from flat windows and all over the parks. People just set up shop and start playing. One guy set up his amplifier on the sidewalk in front of his building and was singing and playing guitar. I was no longer in Kansas (nor Brooklyn for that matter). Most of the playgrounds were made of metal and wood. Not very shiny or colorful but so much fun. They fostered imaginary play. Oh and grown ups get to play too. The above swing is in Mauerpark, which also includes a huge space which is used for Karaoke. There’s a huge Turkish population in Berlin and I enjoyed Turkish coffee, Turkish bread and wandering around the Turkish open air market.

You can learn more about Mauerpark and Berlin’s history here.

P.S. Photos 4-6 were taken at the Berlin wall. Mauer means “wall”.

Stay Tuned for street art Day 2.

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