Tulum in 4 Getups


so here’s my attempt at sharing some of my favorite outfits with just one pic each. on day 1 i lost my luggage and had to buy a dress. i was burning up in black jeans and a black tank. i found this embroidered dress and it was sweet relief and i happen to pack my pink sandals. my bag was delivered by the airline to the guest house the following day. you know my heart was aching since i packed so many favorites.



four years ago i got this vintage romper and it was midi length. i thought it would be cute to get it hemmed short, but now i’m undecided if it was the right choice.


i thrifted this dress for $9 and i’m going to break the one photo rule and share the back with you. IMG_0489

i didn’t even have to tailor it. this one was waiting for me i swear.


i didn’t think of myself as a wearer of moo moos, but i wore this vintage hawaiian moo moo quite a bit and felt good in it. i’v had this for a while but it never felt like the right time to wear it. it was perfect for tulum. i rocked moo moos like it was nobody’s business hence josh making a second request for me to wear the pink and white polka dot dress. we had a wedding in cancun (no kids allowed) but spent a few days in tulum before the wedding.  we had so much fun, i can’t wait to do it again and bring my little one with me. she hung out with her grandma and all her cousins. so glad my sisters have kids and they are all growing up together.

p.s. Barbados Outfit Series 1,2,3,4,5

tipa tipa is on instagram: @tipatipati

Autumn Jumpsuit


so if there’s one fashion tip i could share, most people probably already know this, but hey just in case. don’t hesitate to buy clothing out of season. i went to get my annual physical this summer and walked out the doctor’s office and saw a sign that everything at loft was fifty percent off. this jumpsuit was a hundred bucks, marked down to twenty dollars and then fifty percent off so i got it for ten bucks. even though i had to wait three months to wear it. it was worth getting. i wore this to my friend’s annual chili cook off in the burbs. we had a great time and it was the perfect backyard day to night time shenanigans kinda outfit. IMG_0693

On Choosing Happiness



josh and i have been chatting a lot about how to make our home a positive space for ourselves and our daughter. we both decided to choose to focus on the positive, which is what makes us all happier. we live in a city of extremes. there is a significant amount of poverty and there is a significant amount of wealth. it’s very easy to want all the flashy new things that come at us from so many angles. i’m going to admit that i’m guilty. i’d love to renovate our kitchen and have a fancy dining room set, heck i’d love to stop sleeping on a futon mattress and get a real mattress and a queen at that. the list of wants are long, but i am very grateful for what i have. my little family, our health and our home that we own. i’m going to let go of the desire to fill our house with things. the things will come steadily as we can afford to purchase them. i’m going to focus more on breathing positivity and happiness into this home by giving thanks for all that we already have.IMG_0430

now that that’s out of my system i can chat about this dress. i got it two years ago from a vintage shop called the odd twin in park slope. this store has since closed and i got this at a great price as she was getting rid of her inventory. it’s a brand new (deadstock) vintage 60’s dress. i bought it when i was five months pregnant and couldn’t zip it. i took a chance on it fitting postpartum and two years later here we are. last week we were headed to brunch at our friend’s place and we had just put little miss down for her nap. we were in a huge rush and the dress i originally had in mind was wrinkled so i went with this. i’ve worn this dress three times in the past week and half. it’s wool so it keeps me nice and warm and it’s a throw on and go kinda dress, no wrinkles which i love.



Denim on Denin



so i remember when my dad would wear his dad jeans, the classic fit ones that had the permanent imprint of his wallet on the back pocket. he’d wear those jeans with a denim button down shirt and my sister and i would tell him, “no denim on denim!” i recently learned this is also called a canadian tuxedo. well i guess my dad was ahead of his time cause here you have it.

IMG_0106IMG_0149IMG_0153my arm pits look dark or maybe they needed a shave, they probably needed a shave. IMG_0173IMG_0091IMG_0084IMG_0086

p.s. another way i styled these jeans

Crispy Waffles


IMG_0100during the week, i usually have a smoothie for breakfast. on the weekends we either brunch or make something special at least one of the weekend days, usually waffles or pancakes. josh followed this chefsteps recipe and boy was it good.PS_IMG_0110PS_IMG_0104

The Cheese Bus


over labor day we celebrated our friends marriage in wisconsin. we took the cheesy weezy from our hotel to the wedding venue. don’t let me get started on the cheese bus shenanigans. so the day before the wedding i went to get a mani pedi and beacon’s closet is across the street from the nail spot. i stopped in and found this dress.  i knew that the wedding was an anything goes deal as far as attire, so when i scored this second hand dress for eleven bucks i was thrilled. i got my splendid sandals on sale for forty five bucks and the bag is vintage and was gifted. my total casual wedding getup was fifty six bucks. see, i told y’all i was changing my ways. erm i won’t calculate my hair and nails into the equation. IMG_0429IMG_0410

Summer 2015

IMG_1466the highlight of our summer was our trip to the hampton’s. our relatives offered us a weekend stay at their summer home and it was such a treat. we enjoyed every second. i brought my niece and nephew along as i knew they’d appreciate getting out of the city.  IMG_1088


our mudroom is still a work in progress. we need to get custom blinds. we had the windows measured, but decided to hold off when we realized how pricey they were. my goal is to have them installed by the end of the year. we spent a lot of time enjoying our breakfast smoothies here. the house is very old and was quite hot. we have to update the wiring so we can have air conditioning so this year we just kept the windows open. this is one of my favorite rooms in the house as it gets tons of light. IMG_0068IMG_0469

we spent a lot of time at the lefrak center splash pad. it’s so close to our new house and a lot of fun. we even celebrated her 2nd birthday there. they have delicious food and the space is so massive, the children never feel boxed in.


when i didn’t feel like wearing foundation, i’d throw on some bright red lipstick and felt somewhat put together. IMG_1028

she got to spend a lot of time with daddy in between his gigs. IMG_0051

on hot days he’d let her roam around the brooklyn museum. IMG_0290

she became a bit of a hoarder, always wanting to take stuff with her every time we left the house. can you tell we love this romper?IMG_0315

we spent the fourth of july at a wonderful backyard bbq with tons of delicious food and lots of kids her age. IMG_0010

speaking of food, i’ve been failing on the food posts. we grilled a ton this summer. almost any day that was raining. we even grilled pizza.

the weather just got a bit cooler in the mornings and the evenings and it’s still pretty warm during the day. looking through photos from this summer reminds of a question my daughter asked me the weekend of her birthday. her whole birthday weekend we told her, “it’s your birthday!” when monday rolled around and we stopped talking about her birthday she said, “where’d my birthday go?” we had to explain that her birthday was finished and that after a while she’d have another birthday. i feel the same about summer. where did it go?

ps summer 2014

We’re all golden sunflowers inside

IMG_0082we stole away to wisconsin to see our friends get married. in route to our hotel we happened upon a sunflower farm. for a city girl like myself, it was momentous. sunflowers as far as the eyes could see.







Yayoi Kusama: Give Me Love

a few shots from the yayoi kusama exhibit this past spring. more about her work here.


Film Fridays: What Happened, Miss Simone?


every now and then we like to sit and watch a good doc. if you are interested in the life of miss nina simone this doc is worth a watch. check out the trailer photo via

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