A Birthday Present…


today is my mom’s birthday and it was difficult to come up with an appropriate gift for her. she’s provided me with so much support as i navigate my journey through motherhood. i printed and framed this photo for her. it must be an incredible feeling to immigrate to a new country, set down roots, raise children and then raise grandchildren and get to celebrate their success. her journey to this moment was not an easy one,but she got there, and i have so much respect for how powerful she it. wishing my mom many more years of joy and laughter.

Autumn Uniform…




IMG_0155IMG_0138today was an incredibly cold and rain day in brooklyn. today was the first day that i could not bare to spend even a minute outdoors. i ran to work and ran home. i even waited for the local train, which would take longer, but i’d have a shorter walk home. so since it’s still technically autumn, i thought i’d quickly share my favorite autumn getup. i found that vintage top on a beach trip i took this past summer. i’ve really been into boxy 80′s tops these days. i still love a nice clean pair of pocketless pants. i got these pants when my daughter was just a few weeks old and i was shopping with her and couldn’t try them on, i figured i’d go one size up since i had some lbs to lose, but should have gone up two sizes. these suckers are tight. so while i’m here i may as well confess. i don’t like pumpkin spiced anything. what i look forward to is winter treats and two of my favorites are peppermint hot chocolate and peppermint stick ice cream. i can’t wait to check in and see if they have some at my favorite ice cream shop. i’m talking about my pants being too tight, but making plans to search out this ice cream. whatevz. everything in moderation right?

Long Gone



           summer’s long gone and i can’t help but look back at the memories we made.  i’m grateful for how happy, easygoing, open and friendly this little girl is. don’t get me wrong she can be assertive and stubborn to, but i am fascinated at how she interacts with people and how comfortable she is entering a new environment. a few of my favorites from this summer…








she loved eating my chin :)



curious about what the big kids are up to.




Before It’s Too Late…

i’ve been doing a much better job at keeping my impulse buys to a minimum and taking time to really think through purchases. now that i can say with full confidence that i am no longer a shopaholic, i want to learn how to make really good coffee so i can treat myself to a latte once or twice a week, but not make it a daily habit. same with sweet treats, i need to make a rule for myself that if i want something sweet like pastries or cookies, i have to bake it myself and not go out to a cafe and buy it. this will likely cut down on my sugar consumption or make me a better baker.
so back in april, i used my birthday as an excuse to treat myself to something. i was on the hunt for the perfect pair of white, high waisted skinnies. i’ve wanted white skinnies for the last six years. i ended up not finding high-waist ones, but i’m happy with these. i found this top in a vintage shop. at first glance i loved the colors, but was unsure about the fit. it’s on the loose side, but it’s super cozy and it may work over a long sleeved collared shirt this fall.IMG_1249IMG_1266
this little one can give hugs now, and her little hugs are incredibly sweet. sometimes out of no where she’ll just come up to me and give me a slobbery kiss, or if i’m working at the computer, she’ll climb up on the seat and wiggle herself  into the tiny space between me and the back of the chair, and she’ll give me a hug from behind. i love her tiny hugs.  IMG_1213
i think back to my fifteen year old self and how i felt that rules were horribly oppressive; here i am imposing all these rules on myself. does anyone else out there do that? i’ll think, okay if you wash the dishes and clean the kitchen then you can spend sometime researching hair care on youtube. no way you can watch a movie or hang out until all your paperwork is done. fold the laundry and then you can have ice cream and on and on. gah. it works though. work hard, play hard eh?IMG_1248IMG_1274IMG_1238

outfit details: jeans american apparel, top vintage

–how i styled another pair of white pants

Film Fridays: Obvious Child



              damn, don’t even remember the last time i made a film post, anyways, if you want a good laugh go out and see this one. via

A Judy Jetson Vibe

this past winter, we visited my inlaws over the holidays and i stopped in one of my favorite vintage shops in atlanta and found this dress. i was trying to figure out what drew me in, it has a slight judy jetson vibe to it, no? IMG_0114IMG_0119IMG_0103

Dog Days

we’ve been savoring every morsel of this summer. when we aren’t working we’re splashing, napping, cuddling, cycling and soaking in the sunshine.


A Year Old…

so i’ve been thinking so much about this time last year, i had a tiny week old baby and my job was to be as close to her as possible, feed her and help her to feel secure and happy on the outside. i would talk to her jokingly, when she was still in the womb, and tell her to stay in as long as she wants because navigating through life on the outside can be a challenge. i couldn’t be happier with how she’s grown, how social she is and how comfortable and confident she is in her own skin and in a variety of environments. the sweetest thing as of late are the kisses. she doles them out ever so generously. she blows kisses using her pointer finger, she’s smooth. she’s starting to pick up on nonverbal communication. at first it was pointing, but now she shakes her head “no” both in and out of context and she’s been practicing shrugging her shoulders and dramatically throwing the palm of her hand to her face. i’ve learned so much about her and i’m honored and grateful to raise her. i’ve been thinking a lot about my mother, now that i know how much work goes into raising a young child and i’m grateful to her for all she’s done for me and all she continues to do. she’s cared for this wee one every single day since i returned to work and what an amazing support she’s been. there are some family practices i let go of and some i hold on to. ear piercing as a baby is one we decided to hold on to. grandma caring for grandchild is another. i have wonderful memories of the time i spent with my grandmother and i’m excited to hear stories about what she remembers from my mom.

First Mother’s Day


so just like that i’ve inherited a new holiday. i didn’t think much of it really, but boy did josh take it seriously the entire mother’s day weekend. i’d be sitting on the couch and he would offer me a drink, he was so so sweet to me. he’s usually pretty sweet, but he was a bit extra. initially, my impulse was to tell him to just treat the weekend like any other, but then i thought hey, this is a good deal. i can sit on the sofa watching call the midwife and have him bring me a drink or some snacks. i’ll take it. the major shift was that i always visit my mom or would take part in whatever activity she wanted, but this year i could decide for my little family. i chose to go up to storm king  art center. it was a beautiful day and i can’t believe it’s been five years since i last visited. the weather was perfect and we bumped into a few friends which was also a treat. so about this dress. last spring i saw the print on a bathing suit and loved it. i figured i could get much more use out of a dress so i searched for it on ebay and got it for a very good deal. i think it was one of the first dresses i bought postpartum and i believe i justified this purchase by calling it a “push present” to myself, ha.


if i knew that being a mama would be so incredible, i may have started having children earlier. i don’t think that i could have predicted or even anticipated these feelings. it’s humbling and i’m so grateful that she’s a part of our lives.



P.S Storm King 2009

Film Fridays: Dirty Pretty Things



this film is about two illegal immigrants trying to survive in london and the desperate means they are forced to take to earn a living and to avoid detection and deportation. if your interested in a film that’s gritty and honest this one is worth checking out.

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